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Working with Jason Jones as your voice over artist

Every VO actor works a little differently. I prefer to be up front about the process, and I’m flexible in how I work. You can:

Once we’ve established our relationship, you can choose how we record your VO project:

I am a Source Connect Studio, so you can connect with me from anywhere in the world and record high-quality voice over audio in real time. My Source Connect profile name is Jasonbravo1.

Free client-driven live auditions

You need to hire the right voice to represent your brand, and I want to make sure we work well together now and into the future. Too often, voice buyers waste time listening to bad auditions from inexperienced VO actors who don’t measure up.

Let’s change that for you. I want you to know that I have the chops to voice your projects before you invest your valuable time. That’s why I now offer FREE, live-directed, client-driven auditions. It takes only minutes and you’re as involved as you want to be.

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 “Win-Win-Win or no deal.”

If there’s one phrase that’s shaped me and my success as a business owner and voice over artist, it’s this one. When we work together, it’s gotta be a win-win-win deal:

  • A WIN for you in securing voice over talent that hits your style, tone, and timing and you can rely on to deliver professional, targeted, and high quality VO files quickly.
  • A WIN for your audience with a campaign that gets attention, stirs emotion, convinces your audience to take action, and reaps the ROI you deserve (an extra WIN for you).
  • A WIN for me in allowing my VO talent and experience to work its magic for you.

Contact me with a project you have in mind. We’ll set up a time to discuss your project and budget to make sure it works for both of us. If yes, our work together begins. We’ll agree upon usage, scope, and rates, and arrange the script recording.

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Pricing for voice over services

Of course you’ll need to know how much voice over costs. My voice over pricing is based on the scope and scale of your project(s). We’ll discuss price specifics when we chat about your project and before we come to a signed agreement.

I work with all kinds of clients with all kinds of budgets, so the best thing you can do is get in touch and talk to me about your project. I want to make sure your budget works for both of us, so I can provide a voice over product that meets my high standards and yours too.

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