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Voice Over for Commercials, Narration, eLearning & More

Voice over acting has been my full-time job and my passion for years. Clients love that they can use me as their go-to voice over guy for various projects and media types. It saves them time and they know they’ll get the quality they need for every project.

Hire me if:

  • You want a voice that gets consumer attention, resonates with your target audience, and compels them to take action
  • You want a clear, smooth, and trustworthy voice that directs focus to your message rather than distracting from it
  • You need a professional voice over actor who edits like a boss and keeps his promises
  • You want one voice for all of your projects and campaigns

Client Directed Live Recording Sessions

We can record our live session in one of three simple, fast, and fun ways.

  • You dial into Phone Patch in my studio and direct me in real time while I record the session. Afterwards, I edit and send you high quality audio files. Great for new clients, as well as certain long-form narrations, training videos, etc.
  • Your production team connects to my studio via Source-Connect and records me in real time. >Ideal for clients who need multiple files or more extensive production work. My profile name is Jasonbravo1.
  • You send me a script and notes about your project. I’ll record on my own and send you fully edited, high-quality audio files. Ideal for car dealer, furniture stores, etc. with an ongoing relationship, as well as certain long-form projects.

You complete your project, use it as agreed, and your consumers take action. We all WIN, and we can look forward to our next project together. Let’s get started on your winning project.

Voice over areas of expertise

I’ve kept up with the changing needs of VO buyers and the brands they represent. My range is broad and ageless. I can deliver an engaging, very conversational read, but if  you need a promo retail announcer or harder sell, I’m an expert in this area too. My work includes:

  • Commercials
  • TV & Radio Promos
  • eLearning
  • Documentary
  • Narration
  • Corporate training videos
  • Kid’s programming
  • Sports
  • And much more…

Free client-driven auditions

Finding the right talent shouldn’t be a hassle for you, so I offer free auditions from my studio, live-directed by your team. Each audition takes only minutes and helps you get to know me as a professional as well as my voice-over work.

Learn how my free voice over auditions work »

Top Quality Audio & Super Quick Turn-Around

Fact: the most convincing voice in the world will be ruined by cheap equipment, sloppy editing, or missing deadlines. That’s why I have invested just as much time, energy, and resources into my equipment and editing skills as I have into my voice over talent.

My studio is built with top quality audio and recording equipment and a professionally built, nearly soundproof VO booth. My clients love me for that.

I’m lighting fast with my turnarounds. If I record and edit your project, you’ll get a finished product ready for music, EFX, sweetening, and mastering, often within hours. I can even send you different versions to play with. If you record from your production studio, you can trust the superior quality of the audio signal I’m sending is free from background noise.

Audio nerd alert! Here’s a rundown of my gear:

  • Microphone: Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun
  • Digital Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Core with UAD Manley VOXBox Mic Preamp Plugin set for my voice type
  • Studio Monitors: Yamaha HS8- Pair
  • Computer: Mac Pro Cylinder 2013 (3.7GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E5)
  • Live P2P Real Time Recording Software: Source-Connect Standard 3.9 (preferred connection method), Source Stream, iPdtL with optional iPdtL ISDN. Phone Patch also available for you to phone or SKYPE and direct me while I record.
  • Recording Software: ProTools 12 (always up to date)

I take pride in my editing abilities. I can make your spot edits tight or let them breathe. Need exact timings? I can send raw files for your production team to work their magic, or use the best time compression in the world, Avid TC/E, to manipulate for exact timings, in most cases with zero discernible digital distortion. Ready to get started? Contact me right now.

Pricing for voice over services

I work with all kinds of clients with all kinds of budgets, so the best thing you can do is get in touch and talk to me about your project. I want to make sure your budget works for both of us, so I can deliver a high quality product that will enhance the value of your brand. My voice over pricing is based on the scope and scale of your project(s). We’ll talk specifics when we chat and before we come to a signed agreement.

Need full service audio & video production? We’ll make it happen.

So you need more than a voiceover—you need your project recorded, mixed, and fully produced from start to finish. You’re definitely not alone among my clients, and I can help you through this process. I have a long list of excellent production studios I’ve personally worked with over the years. I can put you in touch with or even contact studios on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste time searching for the right studio to finish your project.

I always provide fully edited voiceover audio files ready for final mixing and production, so once we’ve found the right studio to engineer and master your project, literally all it takes is sending over my files.