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Talent Agency Hiring Information

Using a talent agency to hire Jason Jones

Traditionally, clients hired voice over artists through a talent agent. That’s still a popular and sometimes required route for many clients. I encourage hiring this way if it works best for you, and I am fortunate to be represented by some truly wonderful agents at several excellent talent agencies.

If you’d like to book me through a SAG Signatory Talent Agency, or a national or regional talent agency, please let me know when you contact me. I’ll be more than happy to provide their contact information, and we can go from there.

Additionally, if you and I have worked together in the past and used a talent agency, I’d like to try to maintain that structure. We can discuss this the next time we talk.

Staying at my best in a changing voice over industry

Over the course of my career, I’ve witnessed many changes in the voice over industry. I love what I do, and so do my clients, so it’s important to me to remain relevant, competitive in the market, and easily accessible to my clients, both existing and new.

Some agencies discourage talent from marketing themselves to buyers. I understand this approach. They want to protect their business. Also, many VO artists lack the initiative, resources, or business skills that I’ve developed to market themselves directly to clients, and they need the agents. However, it’s not always in the client’s best interest to work through an agency, and I want to offer an avenue that allows you the option to work directly with your voice over artist on the “business side” of the project as well as the performance side.

My aim isn’t to compete against talent agents, but to serve my clients as best as possible. I want to foster relationships that include my talent agents and the production facilities I have worked with for many years. One way or another, I believe we can all work together to build careers worth having and lives worth living.